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My Essential Addiction

If you’re like me, then you get addicted to the things that you enjoy. One of the things that I am addicted to is hiking.  

It has become my way of going out into the world to escape the daily grind, and so far, there has been no better way to escape! Hiking is healthy, fun and challenging!

I absolutely LOVE spending the time I have with my friends or even solo in nature and with God. I do run across other hikers more often than not, but it usually doesn’t interrupt my experience.  

I find it common courtesy to nod and say hello and ask “How are you?”, sometimes this prompts an actual conversation, which I am more than happy to oblige. What better way to go through the day than to talk about that which we love and have in common?

Once we are ready to move on, we always depart with a “Happy Trails!”  

Most of my favorite hikes have been accomplished in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I say ‘accomplished’ because a little over a year ago, I came back from a sports injury that put me out of commission for over 4 years.  

I gained 80 lbs and was majorly depressed until I found a sports medicine massage therapist that was able to fix my pain. Since then, I have never looked back at that stage of my life.  

Prior to this, I had always wanted to hike but never was afforded the opportunity, but one day, I kind of just…fell into it. I was invited by a close family friend and he even supplied the necessities for my first hike!  

This first hike is considered Hard on and I was able to complete half of it before my back went out. I felt SO good about it and couldn’t wait to get back on the trails. (Link to my first hike on alltrails!)

Since then, I have not looked back! My whole life has changed! It has been full steam ahead as I ford the many streams and creeks, swim the many pools and summit the most fantastic peaks with the most incredible views!!  

The views from these wonderful peaks and even the sides of the mountains on the way up have afforded me a whole new outlook and love of life!   Hiking is now my thing. It is what my friends and family know me for now. If you don’t know where I am, you can guess it’s on a mountain.    

Hiking. It is my addiction. It is essential. It is my life!

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