Habit? Addiction? Obsession

When I got home from work tonight, I thought to myself that I had NO idea what to write about tonight. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I go through my nightly routine of changing into clothes that are more comfortable, turning on my computer to play some video games and surf the internet.

My first stop is to log into my favorite games and do the typical max outs on them. Once this is done I view the new videos on YouTube from the people I subscribe to, surf through Facebook and chat with a few friends here and there on Discord.

Tonight while scrolling through Facebook, I came across a friend’s ‘like’ of some choreography that 3 guys are performing. This took me back a few years to when I used to binge watch hundreds of videos on Youtube of people showcasing their choreography after much practicing.

This used to always make me want to do this in my daily life as it looked amazingly fun! Anyway, it got me questioning myself and I decided I had a blog for tonight after all!

My questions? At what point do we call habits an addiction? At what point do we call addictions a habit? When does it become an obsession? Do we become obsessed with things just from repetition? Can we differentiate between them?

I have an addictive personality. I get stuck on things that I love to do that bring me pleasure. These things include going to the club and dancing, watching topic specific Youtube videos back to back, drinking with friends, playing games, reading, or just whatever happens to tickle my fancy.

So what out of these things, among others, are obsessions, habits, or addictions? Each of these words has a different meaning but are interchangeable to me depending on how you use it to describe what you are doing and if you are looking at it in a positive or negative view.

Does the habit of doing it daily become an addiction or an obsession? How does this progress? Am I obsessed? Can I live without doing it? Is this considered a grey area?

I am easily distracted, and it can happen for hours, but why then am I able to quit things cold turkey and never look back at them?

Do I give up these things when they finally become monotonous and boring?

Do I give them up when it feels like they are progressing to the next level?

These do not always go in order of habit to addiction to obsession. They can appear in any order, but they can also appear one without another.

When do we recognize these things and if/when they are a good thing or a bad thing? Philosophically, you can argue positive or negative for any of these words on how you want to view something in your life, but is there a fixed answer to this or is it an open-ended question after all?

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